Two Birds; One Stone: How to Take Care of Dark Spots and Enlarged Pores

Noticing a dark spot on your skin can be unnerving. Often, they seem to develop out of nowhere –one day, your skin tone is even, the next day you notice what almost (but not quite) looks like a mole – and your first thought is how you’re going to get rid of it. Enlarged pores can be equally baffling and are just as difficult to eliminate. Fortunately, advances in skin care have made it possible to minimize the appearance of both and enjoy smooth, even, and healthy looking skin.

Where Do Dark Spots Come From?

Dark spots develop on your face as the result of excess melanin production. While doctors can’t always pinpoint the exact cause of dark spots, we do know that aging, exposure to UV light (both the sun and tanning beds), and hormones are common culprits. Dark spots can also be genetic, meaning that even if you’re diligent in caring for your skin, you may still develop them.

And Those Large Pores?

You can thank genes for your pore size, as well. Because their size is determined by genetics, it really isn’t possible for them to shrink or get bigger. Some factors, however, can affect how visible your pores are. Many of the same factors that contribute to dark spots, like sun exposure, hormones, and aging, can cause pores to be more visible. The most common culprit behind visible pores is an excessive amount of oil. The pores fill up with oil, which causes them to appear bigger.

Improving Your Skin’s Appearance

Your first plan of attack should involve choosing a skin care product (such as our nutrient-rich face wash or our skin serum) that contains antioxidants vitamin C and E. These neutralize free radicals and prevent the process that causes skin to produce more pigment. These vitamins also balance sebum production, making it less likely that your pores will become clogged with too much oil (which is why they’re so visible in the first place).

Additionally, look for a product that contains a retinoid. Retinoids are essential in exfoliating skin, which is why they’re commonly used to fight aging and acne. However, they are also effective in treating discoloration.

Finally, find a skin brightener to even out your skin tone. When shopping around, look for one that contains Niacinamide, a multitasking ingredient that minimizes the appearance of pores, creates a more even appearance in skin tone, and plumps up fine lines.

You don’t need a ton of products to address all of your skin’s biggest issues; focus on products that do double-duty to address multiple problems at once. A streamlined, effective skin care routine is essential for enjoying beautiful skin, no matter what stage of life you’re in.

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