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Using the best face moisturizer is the key to attaining healthy, enviable skin. Moisturizing daily is as vital to the health of your skin as drinking enough water. Neglecting to moisturize will leave your skin vulnerable to dull, dry skin and visible signs of aging. No matter the season, the best face moisturizer will protect your skinkeeping it fresh and healthy though all types of weather. Because your skin is an organ, its important to keep it hydrated so that it can function at its best. Happy, healthy, younger-looking skin will result in a happier, healthier, younger-looking you! An investment in the best face moisturizer for your skin is an investment in your own self-confidence.

Every moisturizer on the market claims to be the best face moisturizer, making it impossible to know who to trust or where to buy. To provide guidance and save some of your time, weve compiled a few tips and tricks to keep in mind on your skincare journey:

  1. Take Your Vitamins– Were not talking about your multivitamin. Your skin needs vitamins and antioxidants to truly thrive. Look for moisturizers with these added bonuses to enhance the performance of your moisturizer and the health of your skin. Your mom was rightalways remember to take your vitamins!
  2. Wear Sunscreen– Thats rightsunscreen isnt just for the beach. We all love the feeling of warm sunshine on our skin, but it can be quite harmful. UV rays from the sun can cause irreversible damage to your skin.  No matter your skin type, the best face moisturizer for you will contain SPF to keep your skin protected.
  3. Know Your Skin– Last but definitely not least, knowing the type of skin you have is essential in finding the best face moisturizer for you. Different skin types require different moisturization and care. For example, a person with oily or combination skin is going to want to opt for a moisturizer that will control their excess shine while retaining the natural oils their skin needs. A person with dry skin will find that a cream-based moisturizer that provides extra hydration will be their new best face moisturizer.

Now that youve found the best face moisturizer for your skin, its time to learn the correct way to apply it to be sure youre taking full advantage of its benefits! Keep these application tips handy during your skincare routine:

  1. Keep Your Hands Off– On any given day, your hands grab, hold, and touch hundreds of things. Because of this, your hands and fingers are breeding grounds for thousands of germs and bacteria. If you don’t want your moisturizer to become a swimming pool for these microscopic bad guys, don’t use your digits to scoop your moisturizer. If the best face moisturizer for you doesn’t come with a pump, you can always use a Q-tip as a scoop.
  2. Dont Forget Your Neck– Your neck needs to be moisturized, too! Luckily for you, the best face moisturizer will also work wonders on your neck. To keep your skin soft, healthy, and tight, be sure to moisturize your neck during your daily skincare routine.
  3. Be Gentle With Yourself– You might think you have to rub and scrub your moisturizer over your face to ensure it reaches every crack and crevice, but theres a better, more efficient way! Vigorously rubbing your face will pull and stretch your skin, negatively impacting the anti-aging effects of even the best face moisturizer. Instead, gently pat the moisturizer on your face using a cotton swab or freshly cleaned fingers. While moisturizing, be sure youre using light, upward strokes, as pulling your skin downward will cause it to sag.

Finding the best face moisturizer might take some time, but the results youll see in your skin will be worth every second. The feeling of confidence youll have in knowing your skin is healthy and protected is incomparable. Finding the best face moisturizer for you is a small step in becoming the best version of you. Happy moisturizing!

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