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Daily moisturization is as vital to the health of your skin as drinking enough water. Beautiful skin begins with healthy skin, and healthy skin can only be achieved by daily use of the best face moisturizer. Neglecting to moisturize will leave your skin vulnerable to fine lines, wrinkles, and dry, flaky skin. No matter the weather, the best face moisturizer for your skin will keep your face hydrated and protected through each and every season. An investment in the best face moisturizer is an investment in the protection and longevity of your skin.

Browsing for the best face moisturizer can be overwhelming if you dont have access to proper guidance. To help, weve put together a list of a few tips to keep in mind during your search:

  1. Skin Type- Knowing your skin type is essential in finding the best face moisturizer for your skin. Each skin type needs a specialized type of formula. For example, the best face moisturizer for a person with dry skin will be a cream-based moisturizer that will replenish lost moisture. On the other hand, the best face moisturizer for a person with oily or combination skin will be one that controls embarrassing shine in the problem areas without stripping the skin of the natural oils it needs.
  2. Vitamins and Antioxidants- Your body’s largest organ needs vitamins to function properly. That’s right— your skin is your body’s largest organ! Not only will the added bonuses of vitamins and antioxidants enhance the benefits of your moisturizer; they’ll enhance the appearance of your skin.
  3. SPF- Who doesn’t love a nice, sunny day? Sunshine feels wonderful on our skin, but it can cause irreversible damage if proactive steps aren’t taken to ensure our skin’s protection. The best face moisturizer for any skin type will contain SPF to protect the skin from those harmful UV rays.  

Now that you’ve found the best face moisturizer for your skin, it’s time to learn how to properly apply it! Follow these steps to ensure you’re reaping all of the benefits the best face moisturizer for you has to offer:

  1. No Hands- Your hands and fingers carry millions of germs and bacteria that you’re susceptible to each and every day. If you use your fingers to scoop your moisturizer out of its container, the germs and bacteria on your hands will find a new home in your moisturizer. Avoid contaminating your moisturizer by using a Q-tip as a scoop if the best face moisturizer for you doesn’t come packaged with a pump.
  2. Be Gentle- Vigorously rubbing your moisturizer on your face will pull and stretch your skin. This hinders the anti-aging properties of even the best face moisturizer. Using a cotton ball or freshly cleaned fingers, gently pat your moisturizer on your face. Be sure to pat in a light, upwards motion, as pulling the skin downwards will cause it to sag.
  3. Don’t Forget Your Neck- Just like your face, your neck needs daily moisturization, too! Luckily for you, the best face moisturizer will work wonders on the skin of your neck. Moisturize your neck during your daily skincare regimen to avoid falling victim to loose, saggy skin.

Finding the best face moisturizer for your skin can be stressful. Don’t give up hope! Follow our advice, and you’re sure to find the best face moisturizer in no time at all.

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